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When you own, or are developing a property, we understand that it can be overwhelming at times. Even when you allocate efforts to maximize your property’s performance, it may not meet its potential. That’s where consulting services from JS Tamers comes in. Our extensive experience in the real estate industry allows us to work to cut costs, maximize profits and achieve overall peace of mind, knowing your property is working for you.

Your Needs

Our comprehensive development and property owner leadership provides crucial answers required to execute a successful project. Our first goal is to completely understand your objectives for the property. We visit the site to appreciate your vision to move forward. We evaluate possibilities for the property, exploring both its potential and limitations. We will then combine your vision, the physical factors of the property, and our expertise to provide clear opportunities for a development project or strategies for an existing asset.


At JS Tamers, one of our strongest assets is the fact that we are also property managers. We understand the biggest complaints and challenges that tenants have with properties and can work with our clients to obtain greater tenant satisfaction and higher revenue. We work in tandem with asset owners and developers behind the scenes, to accomplish what really needs to get done. We develop solutions to everything from tenant issues, accounting practices, leasing, and more.

Create a

There are many aspects to every residential and commercial property. At JS Tamers, we fully embrace every one of them, from the first drawing to obtaining your first tenant to figuring out ways to keep a building relevant as it ages. Our consulting services are designed to be flexible. After identifying your vision, we tailor our services to best suit your needs. You might only need our services for one stage, or you may find that you require our expertise on a long-term basis to ensure continued success.

Turning Concepts
into Reality

Obtaining maximum value and mitigating risk are vital at every stage of owning a property whether it be in development or standing for decades.  Working collaboratively with both land owners and developers, we provide valuable advice and support on residential and commercial development projects as well as property renovation projects. Our knowledge, combined with a progressive approach, has made our client’s assets perform far beyond their expectations.


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New Developments

Customized Consulting to get the most from your assets.

Our extensive knowledge coupled with our progressive approach has made our clients assets and businesses perform beyond their expectations. Say goodbye to archaic real estate tactics and hello to the modern methods of  JS Tamers. Our customized strategies and use of technologies allows all of our clients to increase their viability and new business prospects.

Flexible Consulting

No two businesses are the same; each client has individual needs that must be addressed. Our flexible options allow us to tailor our approach and help you maximize your ROI.

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  • Audit of Operational Efficiency
  • Financial Performance Reviews & Recommendation
  • Legal Analysis
  • Proper Tenant Relations Coaching
  • Vacancy Reduction Coaching


  • Web Design/SEO
  • Lead Generation Tactics
  • Business Development
  • Social Media Marketing and Consulting
  • Specific Market Targeting


  • Development Leadership
  • Construction/Renovation Management
  • Property Amenities Concept
  • Legal Coaching
  • Market Analysis & Recommendations

Portfolio Expansion

  • Investment Opportunities
  • Portfolio Evaluation and Expansion
  • Exclusive Access to Emerging Properties
  • ..and so much more