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We provide property management, brokerage, and consulting services across all commercial real estate market segments. This includes land, retail, industrial, office, investments and multifamily. Our proven systems for success and commitment to operational excellence separate us from the average real estate firm. Our goal is to achieve the greatest return on the real estate assets we service.


JS Tamers offers our clients exceptional operating costs and above market rents through disciplined property management practices. Our vast experience in commercial management helps our clients lower their costs while providing tenants with first-class service. We are at your property, on the ground and getting things done.


Leasing space in today’s challenging economic environment requires going beyond just placing up a “For Lease” sign at a property. JS Tamers has a proven track record of successful leasing assignments from pre- easing of ground up new developments to lease up and stabilization of distressed properties


Location is important in all real estate sectors, but in commercial real estate, it could mean the difference between success and failure. JS Tamers offers extensive services including market research, site acquisition, build-to-suit development, property rehabilitation and retail leasing negotiations.


To streamline and keep abreast with the performance of each of our commercial real estate properties, we utilize some of the latest technology within the industry. to deliver accurate and timely accounting and reporting for each property so that our clients know where they stand always.


We have some of the highest lease renewal rates in the industry. We provide proper lease documentation to ensure you have the paperwork protection you need by tailoring each document to the property.


JS Tamers continually visits and monitors our retail, industrial warehouse, and office properties to properly evaluate both the functional and aesthetic aspects of each managed real estate property. Our goal is to ensure that each property we manage presents with the quality and consistency at every service level.

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Core Services


With fluctuating market conditions, owners of commercial assets are always looking to become more profitable. Our financial management is key to your success. At JS Tamers, we will find practical solutions to help you keep operating costs at a minimum and improve your bottom line. We can take over all your accounting and bookkeeping needs and deliver comprehensive financial statements presented in a way you can easily understand so you always have a clear picture of your income and expenses.

Revenue Management

We believe the key to successful revenue management is through a specific set of operating strategies and protocols. By regularly evaluating rents; applying concessions only when warranted and then based on specific floor plans or units; controlling lease expiration dates to avoid sudden drops in occupancy; and implementing premium pricing for location, view, features, etc., revenue can be maximized. Our experience enables us to create opportunities that expand the income potential of our client’s property.

Property Inspections

We don’t just arrive to your property when there is an issue, we work hard to prevent an issue. We take property inspections very seriously. We help maintain the safety and security of your asset and will make sure there are no leaks or other such issues. In the event a deficiency is found, we take photographs and report it to you, so you can always be in the know of the condition of your asset.


We oversee a wide range of maintenance sectors that include plumbing, roofing, air conditioning, electrical work, landscaping, janitorial services, and many more. We only work with the best to guarantee that your property receives only the top-notch level of work always. JS Tamers is available 24 hours-per-day/7 days-per-week via our emergency answering service. Our emergency response can keep a small issue from becoming an extremely large repair.


Our goal is to always suggest improvements that will deliver dividends. Our knowledge and industry contacts are sure to be an asset in renovating your property. Working with you step by step, we’ll help you plan and execute every step of the process, from envisioning changes to overseeing the improvements. Whether it be one unit at a time or property wide we have you covered. We can assist with exterior and interior renovations, lighting, plumbing, electrical, painting and full property rehabilitations. We can help an old commercial building because a shining star in any portfolio.

Personalized Consulting

If you want to maintain control of your property, but learn how to operate your property as a leading management company we offer comprehensive consulting to get you where you want to be.